Track request for MicroK8s


We would like to have a “dqlite” track for MicroK8s so as to hold a special flavor of the snap.



In principle it looks OK, I’m just wondering two things.

What’s this special flavor for and what’s the main difference with stock microk8s?

Also - microk8s already has tracks for the k8s version it packages. How are you planning to maintain a separate set of dqlite-based snaps? (having e.g. 1.18 and 1.18-dqlite is going to get messy quickly).

(Microk8s already has tracks so this would in principle be eligible for the simplified process, but since the newly-requested track might vary in semantics and intent vs. simple per-version tracks, I do want to get this extra information before making a decision).


  • Daniel

Hi @roadmr

This track will contain the latest version of a dqlite-based build available side-by-side with the rest of the builds. We would like a separate build so as not to disrupt the release workflow already established.

Thank you

Thanks for explaining,

+1 for that track: my rationale is that making this a branch makes it quite undiscoverable, while a separate snap would be tricky to migrate/upgrade, even if the dqlite track doesn’t adhere to the usual pattern. I’m still not convinced this will scale if you ever want to have several dqlite-based k8s versions in addition to the etcd-based ones (the messy scenario I mentioned above) but we’ll evaluate those if/when you do request more -dqlite tracks.

The track is available now, enjoy!

  • Daniel
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