Track request for julia


I have been recently added as contributor to the julia snap and I will try to maintain it.

I’d like to request a lts track for julia. Julia supports both stable and LTS releases, so it would make sense to also publish both.

Best, Pablo


Does Julia have overlapping LTSes or will only one LTS ever be supported at any given time?

Usually people who sign up for an LTS don’t want to upgrade automatically, but if you publish the next LTS, then people who were on the previous one will upgrade without warning. Is that OK with you?

I’m generally +1 on granting an lts track and we don’t need a waiting period since Julia has pre-existing tracks, just keep the above in mind - I’ll wait for your confirmation before proceeding.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Julia supports only one LTS at a time, and in general it strives for backward compatibility for versions with the same MAJOR version (it follows semver). So this should fine for most of people really.

Thanks. The lts track is now created.

  • Daniel
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