Track request for Husarion ROS 2 snaps


I would like to request the humble and jazzy tracks for the following Husarion ROS 2 snaps:

  • husarion-astra
  • husarion-camera
  • husarion-depthai
  • husarion-rplidar
  • husarion-ouster
  • husarion-zed
  • rosbot
  • rosbot-xl
  • rosbot-xl-nav
  • rosbot-xl-teleop

Because of communication issues between different releases of ROS 2, we need to have separate snaps for ROS 2 Humble and ROS 2 Jazzy releases. ROS 2 Humble runs on Ubuntu 22.04, ROS 2 Jazzy runs on Ubuntu 24.04.

Thanks, Dominik from Husarion team


The humble and jazzy tracks have been created for all the requested snaps except for husarion-zed. It seems that this snap could not be found. Is this the correct name?