Track request for fcbtest

Fcbtest is used for openstack cloud validation. It uses two upstream Python projects, namely Rally and Tempest. Up to recently, these could be combined into the same snap. Now, the two project have interfering dependencies and need to be seperated.

For the separation, I can think of two options:

  1. Have two separate virtual environments within the same snap. I have tried this and failed, but maybe with some help we can figure this out.
  2. We can make a V2 track that only uses Tempest, and leave Rally and an older version of Tempest that is still compatible with Rally in the V1 track.

Let me know what your ideas are.


Hi there,

The V1/V2 pattern sounds reasonable to me, +1 as reviewer, thanks for explaining the use case.

Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we need to allow a few days for other reviewers to vote on this request, I’ll check in a few days.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - these seem reasonable to me.

Both tracks were added :slight_smile:

  • Daniel