Track request for Chromium: hwacc

I’d like to request a hwacc track until the changes in it can be merged into latest.


The hardware acceleration changes cannot be landed in the official Chromium snap yet because of legal aspects.

I had published the changes to a branch (latest/candidate/hwacc) but didn’t realize branches expire and once it happened it caused confusion in QA.

Since there is an explicit request to keep the version frozen for testing, I believe it makes sense to open a new track.

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Tracks are usually a poor fit for testing snaps; the risk here is that people will install from the hwacc track and since tracks don’t have fallback behaviors, people who do that will be forever stranded on that old, test-only version, even if you close the track.

I would recommend continuing to use a branch. You can extend the branches’ lifetime by republishing the same revision to it, assuming revision 157 as an example:

snapcraft release chromium 157 --channel=latest/candidate/hwacc

A branch’s lifetime is 30 days, so if you do this every 29 days or so until your testing period is complete, it should keep the branch alive.

The advantage with branches is that if anyone installs from it, once it expires, those users will be automatically moved to latest/candidate.

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