Track request for Blender 2.92


Can we get a track created for blender product.

track: 2.92

We will use this track to push edge packages and invistigate use of branch.


Hi there, in principle sure, I can create the track. However, the best place for edge or nightly builds is latest/edge (and you can create branches off that, e.g. latest/edge/some-bug-fix). Tracks are mostly intended to host stable releases after the “latest” one has diverged.

In this case, since it’s likely 2.92 would be requested anyway once that release becomes stable, I would be OK with creating the track as you request, but wanted to confirm whether latest would serve your purposes as well.

  • Daniel


Yes we will also use latest edge for that purpose also.

hi, we will be release 2.92 in the next month.
Can we have this new track soon ?

Done, 2.92 is now available (+1 as reviewer from me).

  • Daniel
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