Track request for bitcoin-core snap

The command line and RPC as well as REST interface changes between major versions of Bitcoin Core and thus we need different tracks for each branch (major version).

I kindly request the “0.17” and “0.18” track, where “latest” currently points to “0.17” and in a few weeks (after the 0.18.0 release) points to “0.18”.

See also our currently supported major versions:

The bitcoin-core snap: (id: lGr3hNoqLtHTp2yV1BgnqyElQtLUDPeA)


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Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we need two positive votes and there’s a waiting period of 7 days, from the moment you made the request.

The URL you linked to is very clear about the Bitcoin Core release cycle and support commitments for versions, so from a reviewer standpoint I can +1 this. As explained above then, we’ll check again in a few days to see if any other reviewers chimed in, and act depending on how many votes are cast.


  • Daniel

I am also a +1 on the track request. I’ve been working one-on-one with Marco as he’s set up the official bitcoin-core snap. They have a well-documented release process, and 0.17 is the major component where they introduce breaking changes.

Hello folks,

The waiting period has elapsed and we have +2 votes from reviewers, so I’ve created the tracks which are now ready for use.


  • Daniel

Thanks, working great!

Hi, I’d like to follow up and request the “0.19” track, now that has been released today. See


I’ve added the 0.19 track: +1 from me as reviewer and we invoked Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence for this.


  • Daniel
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