Track request for bitcoin-core snap

The command line and RPC as well as REST interface changes between major versions of Bitcoin Core and thus we need different tracks for each branch (major version).

I kindly request the “0.17” and “0.18” track, where “latest” currently points to “0.17” and in a few weeks (after the 0.18.0 release) points to “0.18”.

See also our currently supported major versions:

The bitcoin-core snap: (id: lGr3hNoqLtHTp2yV1BgnqyElQtLUDPeA)


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Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we need two positive votes and there’s a waiting period of 7 days, from the moment you made the request.

The URL you linked to is very clear about the Bitcoin Core release cycle and support commitments for versions, so from a reviewer standpoint I can +1 this. As explained above then, we’ll check again in a few days to see if any other reviewers chimed in, and act depending on how many votes are cast.


  • Daniel

I am also a +1 on the track request. I’ve been working one-on-one with Marco as he’s set up the official bitcoin-core snap. They have a well-documented release process, and 0.17 is the major component where they introduce breaking changes.

Hello folks,

The waiting period has elapsed and we have +2 votes from reviewers, so I’ve created the tracks which are now ready for use.


  • Daniel

Thanks, working great!

Hi, I’d like to follow up and request the “0.19” track, now that has been released today. See


I’ve added the 0.19 track: +1 from me as reviewer and we invoked Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence for this.


  • Daniel
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Hi, I’d like to request the 0.20 track, now that rc1 has been released


0.20 has been created as track, per the usual (my +1 as reviewer).


  • Daniel
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Hi, we have built the snap but it doesn’t show up as a track on the releases page:


I think you need to use snapcraft from the command line to release to a track the first time:

snapcraft release bitcoin-core-snap 69 0.20/stable

  • Daniel

There’s currently a bug that I’m working on fixing that doesn’t show available tracks unless there is a release. As @roadmr suggested, if you release a revision to the track it will show in the UI.

I’m hoping to get a fix released by EOD today :slight_smile:

The 0.20 track is now being displayed, but the compiled releases don’t show up in

Previous releases did get pushed to the right track directly from the launchpad build farm and I don’t have the snapcraft utility installed locally. Is this a requirement now?

Also, can we please get the 0.21 track for the next upcoming release?


+1 on 0.21 which I have just created. Enjoy!

I’m not sure how releasing to tracks from the builders is handled these days. I’m pretty sure you don’t need snapcraft installed locally. I’ll check if someone from the team that handles the build UI can have a look and help here.

  • Daniel
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Hi @marco

The snapcraft CLI is not needed for doing a release manually, you can do it from :

Checking the Launchpad API for some reason the version 0.20 of the snap has the property can_upload_to_store: False. Previous versions and the new version 0.21 has this property set to True, I’m not really sure what could have been wrong for that version.

In case you’re interested, it is possible to do automated builds from GitHub which will make this process simpler, Launchpad will be used in the background but you won’t have to deal with it, you can enable this feature from

Thank you!

Is this something I can fix? If yes, how would I do that, please?

It looks like your snap isn’t fully authorized for upload to the store. You should be able to fix that by selecting “Reauthorize store uploads” on the snap recipe page and following the prompts from there.


Hi, I’d like to request the “22.x” track for the next major version. Thanks!

+1 from me as reviewer, your track is now available.

  • Daniel
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