Track request for AWS IoT Greengrass

We plan to release a new version of AWS IoT Greengrass v1.9.x ( to the snap store and want to open a request for a track for the current version 1.8.x

We plan to release v1.10.x soon after and want to maintain three tracks going forward:

latest (will track the latest version 1.10.0)

each with stable/candidate/beta/edge channels.


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The general pattern seems reasonable for use of tracks. Are those versions backward-incompatible? i.e. do people using 1.8 need to do something manual/special before upgrading to 1.9?

Also, is the release schedule/cadence documented somewhere? (I’m happy to go read existing documentation).

  • Daniel

Yes, the versions are backward-incompatible.

I do not have documents that I can share regarding our release schedule. We plan to release 1.9.4 by the end of March 2020, followed by 1.10.0 (which is the latest release for Greengrass). Going forward we plan to make two releases per year.

We want to request the 1.8.x track now for the end of March release of 1.9.4. At that point, we’ll be submitting a new track request for 1.9.x while we prepare to release 1.10.0.

Thanks for the explanations!

+1 from me for these tracks.

@reviewers the waiting period for this snap is over but we don’t have enough votes, could someone else chime in on this track request please? Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

+1 from me on these tracks.

With +2 votes, I have created the 1.8.x track. Let me know if you want 1.9.x as well, I can create it almost immediately (no votes/waiting period) since we have precedent and have established the track cadence is reasonable.

  • Daniel

Thank you! Yes a track for 1.9.x would be great. We plan to release v1.9.4 by the end of next week.

Not a problem; 1.9.x is now created and available.

  • Daniel

Could we create a 1.11.x track as soon as possible? We’ll be releasing a snap soon.

We’re conscious of the fact that we’re skipping 1.10.x.

Sure, +1 from me as reviewer, the track has been created and it’s available now.

  • Daniel