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Hello everyone, we are representing ArchEthic project which is our next-gen Layer-1 public blockchain completely written in Elixir/Erlang and supports multiple Web3 features.

Archethic features:

  • Fast transaction processing (> 1M tps)

  • Lower energy consumption than other blockchain (3.6 Billion times less energy consumption than Bitcoin)

  • Designed for the highest level of security (ARCH consensus can handle upto 90% of maliciousness)

  • Adaptive cryptographic algorithms (quantum resistant)

  • Decentralized Identity and Self Sovereign Identity

  • Smart contract platform powered by a built-in interpreter

  • Strong scalability with geo secured sharding

  • Soft-Real-Time P2P view with supervised networking

Our goal is to create the most energy efficient, resource friendly Layer-1 public blockchain focusing on multiple Web3 features like decentralised identity, on-chain governance etc. We are already listed in multiple exchanges (UCO).

Entire ArchEthic node codebase and other ArchEthic projects are fully open source and can be found here.

ArchEthic node project -

ArchEthic Snap project -

Upon careful consideration we have finalised Snap as our preferred packaging solution and distribution. We follow standard agile methodologies so our release cadence is very high especially for our ArchEthic node codebase.


Right now our snap package is private but we are aiming for public release as early as next week. We have devised a release strategy that will be essential for our use case. We want to implement the following for the same.

ArchEthic Snap project is composed of 2 git branches.

  1. master - This branch pulls from the master branch of ArchEthic node project and has all the network configurations required to join ArchEthic mainnet. We use this branch to build ArchEthic snap that will be available in our “mainnet” track. This track will be the default track for our snap.

Mainnet users can install our latest updates by running:

sudo snap install archethic

Since mainnet/stable will be the default channel, we don’t need to pass any extra flag.

  1. testnet - This branch pulls from the testnet branch of ArchEthic node project and has all the network configuration required to join ArchEthic testnet that is different from mainnet configuration. This will usually have a greater version than the mainnet. We use this branch to build ArchEthic snap that will be available in our “testnet” track.

Testnet users can install our latest updates by running:

sudo snap install archethic --channel=testnet/stable


We want to request 2 things from the snap store architects in order to implement our release strategy to its full extent.

  1. We want a new testnet track to be added for our archethic snap. This testnet track will contain the version of snap that is compatible to join our testnet. We will also test out new ArchEthic node versions in testnet that may be merged to the master branch in future and eventually made available in mainnet.

  2. We want the current default track as mainnet since we really do not have any use case for the “latest” track. Furthermore we have designed our user journey so that people can join the ArchEthic mainnet by default without any need of extra flags.

Please refer to the following links for more information about the project.

ArchEthic Website -

Yellow paper -

Hi there,

archetic has no existing tracks, so per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks , we need a voting/discussion period, so I’ll check back on the discussion and votes in a few days.

Thanks for the detailed information, I think this is a reasonable use for tracks and I’m +1 on creating the testnet and mainnet tracks.

You could use latest to host your mainnet builds, but if you prefer to have the two named tracks and designate one of them as default, it’s entirely possible to do so.

Once the tracks are created, you can manage your default track yourself in (go to your snap’s page, then to the releases tab).

One thing to note is that the latest track cannot be removed or renamed; if someone specifies --channel=latest/stable explicitly, for example, it will still be valid. What you can do here is simply close the latest track with snapcraft close - or just never release anything to it.

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Thanks. We prefer to have named tracks i.e mainnet and testnet. As per your solution, we will close the latest track and set mainnet as default track once our request is approved.

+1 from our side as well.

Hello, it has been already few days. Since we are planning to go for public release by this week, can we expect the final decision as soon as possible?

+1 from me too on creating testnet and mainnet tracks for archethic

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The usual waiting period is 7 days as noted in the process document above. Since we have +2 votes and in order not to disrupt your release, and given your use case looks pretty clear, I have created the two requested tracks a couple of days in advance.


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Thanks for the early approval.