Track request for "3" for Kafka and Zookeeper charmed snap


I’m kindly requesting to create a track “3/{edge, stable, candidate, beta}” for the all snap related to charms of Kafka and Zookeeper, therefore:

  • charmed-kafka (workload version 3.3.x)
  • charmed-zookeeper (workload version 3.6.x)

This is to comply to the structuring of tracks already done for other charms in dataplatfrom where the track matches the major version of the workload.



Hi, this is done, +1 from me as reviewer given the precedent of other charmed- snaps.

  • Daniel
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Hi, any movement here? Am attempting to publish charmed-zookeeper 3/edge and getting errors.

Ideally we want these charms to have Data Platform ownership?

And as a contributor.

Please move charmed-zookeeper ownership to “Canonical” to provide “Verified” badge for PM/Sales. Please make sure stays as a contributor. Tnx!

P.S. confirmed as Enrico deputy in Data Platform :smiley:


I apologize for this not being properly documented. For Canonical-owned snaps We ask that they are stable and have proper metadata so they also present adequately in, given that they will be associated with Canonical’s name.

It would be great to add a proper icon to the zookeeper snap. The description is a bit spartan but given zookeeper is a very backend-oriented product that’s probably not a huge deal-breaker.

However, we do ask for them to have a stable release before we transfer them to Canonical; otherwise they will give the impression of being half-baked test-ware which is not one we want to convey from our maintained snaps.

Please let me know once you’ve released a stable version of the snap and I’ll gladly do the transfer.

  • Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for the reply! We will update descriptions for all snaps and commit icons (requested already). As so stable channel it might take some time. Can we please move the charm to “Canonical Data Platform” meanwhile to get rid of private account at least.

Thank you!


The most important requirement is having a stable release - you mentioned it would take some time, which suggests to me the snap is still under heavy development, which is precisely what we want to avoid offering under the Canonical verified account.

If you’d rather have them under something more organizational-looking it seems that data-platform-bot (which already shows as Canonical Data Platform) is a good choice. If so, I can transfer charmed-zookeeper to that account, which would leave Enrico as a collaborator with the ability to upload and publish to the snap.

To me that sounds like a reasonable stopgap while the snap stabilizes and is at a point where we can confidently transfer to Canonical. But let me know if this works for you, for the time being.

  • Daniel