Track request: 3.15 for lxd


Following some unfortunate breakages with the release of LXD 3.15 to latest/stable (even after a few days spent in candidate), we’d like to change our track setup a bit.

Currently we’ve got three tracks:

  • 2.0 (LTS release)
  • 3.0 (LTS release)
  • latest (current monthly feature release)

What we’d like to get to is having both the current stable and previous stable also be available as tracks, so with the release of LXD 3.16 next month, we’d have:

  • 2.0
  • 3.0
  • 3.15
  • 3.16
  • latest

We’d only ever keep the current and previous feature release available, closing all channels on older feature releases so they disappear from view.

We would still recommend users use latest directly, but this will allow some more cautious users to decide when to jump to the latest feature release and in some cases, rollback to the previous stable (rather than just rolling back to the previous revision).

Our intent it to completely automated those tracks by having our existing publishing tooling publish the revisions to the right tracks based on their version, effectively having latest/candidate and latest/stable mirrored to 3.15/candidate and 3.15/stable so long as the snap version is 3.15, then start mirroring 3.16 to 3.16/candidate and 3.16/stable.

Does that seem workable? If so, can we please get the 3.15 track?
That will also mean, that you should expect a post like this on a monthly basis unless there’s some magic self-served way of getting tracks for such cases these days?


It sounds reasonable to have tracks like this for backward-compatibility reasons.

Not yet, unfortunately. A monthly cadence is a bit more frequent than I’d like given that I process track requests manually but as long as it’s consistent and done for the reasons noted above, it should be OK.

Since lxd has existing tracks, even if the new ones change the use a little bit they still fall within acceptable track usage and @stgraber is well aware of how tracks work, +1 from me as reviewer and I’ve created the tracks now per Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence .

  • Daniel


I’ve run the script I wrote for this and it looks like 3.15 populated as expected, so we’re good until 3.16 releases.