Track request: "18" for snap "classic"

The “classic” dimension snap will be available for both ubuntu core 16 and ubuntu core 18. To facilitate this we need a new “18” track for the classic snap.

Some background about the rational for this this can be found here: Classic dimension for core18

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+1, 18 track for classic needed as per linked topic

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Another +1 from me for an 18 track.

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I wonder if putting 18 (which matches with the latest and current Ubuntu LTS on which presumably this classic snap is based) into latest, 16 on a “16” track, and keeping latest rolling as LTSes go out (meaning once 20 is out, then you’d do the 18 track and put 20 in latest), would be more consistent and keep users nicely up to date. In a sense, what you’re doing by keeping 16 on latest and putting 18 on a track is keeping users out of date…

But I realize these discussions may have already been had, and I agree the use of the track mechanism is consistent and correct in and of itself. So +1 too!

  • Daniel

Indeed, I was also thinking that we should have a “16” track. If its not too much trouble I would love if that track could also be created (but I can file a separate request if that is prefered).

Do I have enough votes for the track “18” or is there anything else needed :slight_smile: ?

Thanks! Michael

:new: Track :one::eight: created :bullettrain_side: