Track request: 1.9 for modem-manager snap

I’d like to request a new track named 1.9 for modem-manager (publisher: Canonical). This new track will allow us to publish a new version of the modem-manager snap meant for use on Ubuntu Core 18.

I’m happy with requiring people to take manual action to move from 1.9 to a newer track.


We’ll follow the process described in Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks. Since there is no existing track for modem-manager, we need to collect votes from reviewers during a 1-week period, at the end of which we’ll tally the votes and process the request.

The use case you describe has been used to make specific products or images follow a specific track for a certain snap, so you have a +1 from me at least.


  • Daniel
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It has my support as well: :+1: (+1)


We have 2 votes from reviewers, so since the waiting and vote collection period has elapsed, I’ve created the requested tracks.