Track a channel but don't downgrade


I installed Thunderbird and Firefox betas. That was fun, I don’t wish to continue tracking beta forever.

However, I can’t downgrade to the stable channel release, because my profile is now too new and they refuse to start. That’s fine, I don’t mind running a newer release until the stable channel catches up.

However, snap is trying to track the stable channel, and keeps offering me “upgrades” to the older versions. I’ll follow the stable release once it’s newer than the version I currently have installed.

How do I track the stable release but not downgrade?

Thanks, Bruce

You can refresh to the beta channel, then use snap refresh --hold thunderbird stop from any further upgrades. When stable release catches up , then again refresh to the stable channel.

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Thanks, that does stop the snaps from downgrading, but if I understand correctly now I have to manually watch the stable channel and unhold when there is a newer release?

Yes. And i remeber they said it will switch to a monthly release schedule by 2024. Hope they can get it soon.