Tor-browser does not launch

After installing tor-browser from snap, it fails to launch.

My system is Ubuntu 18.04.

Running from the Ubuntu HUD gives no result.

Running tor-browser from command line gives the following results:

Running as normal user

$ tor-browser
/snap/tor-browser/7/command-tor-browser.wrapper: 6: exec: /snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: Permission denied

Running with sudo

$ sudo tor-browser
/snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 37: [: : integer expression expected
/snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 54: zenity: command not found
/snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 62: kdialog: command not found
/snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 69: xmessage: command not found
/snap/tor-browser/7/./Browser/start-tor-browser: line 84: gxmessage: command not found

Huh. I thought we removed that snap. It was broken and nobody had the time to fix it, so we removed it from the snapcrafters repo on github as it was never going to work. We clearly neglected to remove it from the store, because up until recently, things in the edge channel were invisible to users. But since the store now exposes edge-only snaps, this suddenly appeared. My apologies. I’ve removed the snap from the store by closing the edge channel, so nobody else finds it.

Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

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So no future for Tor coming to Snap.

I wonder if flatpak done it properly.

I hope that Tor come back to Snap. An opensource famous browser suited for extreme anonymity.

Never say never. We worked with the upstream Tor developers on publishing official builds of Tor software. However for whatever reason that’s not moved forward. That doesn’t mean it’s never going to land in the Snap Store.

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Well, that’s good to hear.

For now, I am using traditional PPA to use Tor.
So, I really hope, there is real effort from Tor to Snap store.