To run Java App in ubuntu core

I want to run a java app in ubuntu core installed in my respberry pi 3 board. i didn’t find a good documentations about that. If any one can help me with any information to solve this it will be helpful. Thanks

What sort of application is this?

A command-line application? Or does it use a GUI?

If it is a command-line application, then you need to snap the Java runtime along with the app.

If it uses a GUI things are significantly more complex as Java doesn’t have a Wayland backend and you will also need Xwayland, a window manager, and the mesa userspace libraries.

Haven’t tried this on a raspberry pi, but this is at least an example of running a graphical java app as a snap:

That’s useful for the java stack, but it uses the X11 interface which isn’t an option for Ubuntu Core. (Hence the complexity needed to use Wayland I mention above.)

Ah, good point. I missed that in your reply.

Thanks for your help Alan, My Java app is Spring Boot based app, i have created a jar file but i still fail to create a snap for it. I am new to snap… my raspberry pi run ubuntu core


particulary point 6 and further i guess …