TmpWatcher auto-connection system-backup

I’ve renamed my OWWatcher snap to TmpWatcher. OWWatcher was granted an auto-connection to the system-backup interface and I’d like to request that TmpWatcher also be granted the same auto-connect. I’ll be deprecating OWWatcher in favor of TmpWatcher moving forward.

Here’s a link to the forum request discussing the system-backup interface for OWWatcher: Owwatcher auto-connection [Was: Request for classic confinement of owwatcher]

+1 from me for tmpwatcher for auto-connect to system-backup as this access is needed as the primary function for tmpwatcher. @msalvatore, I recall owwatcher was also granted auto-connect of log-observe, is this also required for tmpwatcher?

@alexmurray we had considered granting log-observe before the system-backup interface was available. Since the system-backup interface is available, we TmpWatcher doesn’t need log-observe.

+1 for system-backup. Since this is the same snap under a different name from the same publisher, I’ve gone ahead and granted system-backup (2 votes for, 0 against). Granted, this is now live.