Title suggestions for mysql-strict snap?

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So I have a MySQL server snap by the name mysql-strict, and it’s currently titled “MySQL Server”. In order to avoid making it seem official, I was thinking of just renaming it to something like “MySQL (Strict)”, perhaps. Do you guys think I should go ahead with that, or does the current title seem fine enough in this case? Thoughts?



Hello, @downthepark
Renaming it to “MySQL (Strict)” is a good idea. It clarifies the nature of the server while avoiding the impression that it is an official release. Best regards, Mike stamp

Sorry, just responding because I’m fairly convinced that the account above is a ChatGPT bot!

Since no one’s responding I’ll sum up the status quo; it’d be inappropriate to have (strict) in the name because strict is considered the default. 80% of snaps are strict, it’d make more sense to have (Classic), but even then, I’d argue only if you had to separate snaps entirely (and sometimes you’d just have classic as a track of your snap, rather than an entirely different package).

Ultimately I wouldn’t worry about it being too official so long as the quality is good. If you’re following the software and trademark licenses you’re generally in the clear, at least, it won’t be us snap packagers with any issues.

Ultimately it’s about respectfulness, so should you feel the snap quality begin to deteriorate and you’d be unable to maintain it long term, we’d expect you might ask questions about whether you should try find a new maintainer or remove it from offering, depending on the exact software you’re snapping, there might be nuances behind it or it might not be that dramatic, but ultimately it’s just about trying your best as is everything in life.

But as far as “seeming” official goes, we wouldn’t want people making that claim when it’s not true, but we would want people to produce such quality work that the upstream might go, “Hey, that SHOULD be official”, so again, whether you want to put in your description “THIS SNAP IS UNOFFICIAL” is up to you, the Snapcrafters organisations snaps do it. Personally I don’t bother since I try to hold myself up to a quality standard where you wouldn’t know if it was or wasn’t until someone told you, and hope that’s generally the case for most contributors.

So ultimately it’s a nuanced situation individual to each package, but specifically for your title and snap name, I’d avoid using strict, it’s implicit as the default :slight_smile:

Sorry, just responding because I’m fairly convinced that the account above is a ChatGPT bot!

Apology accepted! But ya didn’t have to say sorry at all in the first place, because this is exactly the type of response I was looking for. Thank you for your time @James-Carroll !