Tipping developers using the terminal

I had this idea of donating money to developers using the terminal. A simple single time donation, a tip, to incentive developers. Something like this:

sudo snap donate packagename or sudo snap tip packagename

Let’s use donate for example:

sudo snap donate packagename systempassword

Informations Package: packagename Developer: developername Website: www.developerwebsite.org

Choose a payment method below Options available: 1 - Company 1 2 - Company 2

What company do you want to use? 1

Login Company 1: mylogin Password Company 1: mypassword

How much do you want to donate($)? 20

Confirm a $ 20 donation? (y/n) y

Making the donation, please wait…

Donation confirmed!

Of course this can be used in other app stores too not just the terminal, this idea is just a fast CLI solution to tip developers, good for those who love using the terminal. I prefer a GUI, but if it was that easy I would consider donating to a few projects via terminal.

I don’t know if it’s possible to create this or if it’s something that people will really use, it’s just an idea for the future. If this idea is considered bad just forget about it. :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty interesting idea. Once the payment system is working, it shouldn’t be hard to reuse the same backend to allow tipping, or even support developers of open source software over longer periods with some sort of subscription.

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