Tio: Request for classic confinement


Please allow the tio snap to use classic confinement.

tio is a serial TTY I/O application that connects to serial devices in eg. /dev/serial/by-id/*

To do so classic confinement is required because snapcraft only supports allowing access to explicitly defined serial devices. This type of application is supposed to connect to any serial device.

In the future, it would be great if snapcraft could allow access to any serial type device via the serial-port plug.


The requirement for classic are understood. I believe that work may have started on dynamic slots for things like serial ports. @niemeyer, can you comment? Should we wait for that or proceed with vetting the publisher?


Any update on this issue?



Ping @niemeyer - can you comment?


I could really use that classic confinement approval - tio does not really work without it and I’m sure many users don’t know how to enable classic confinement.


Any chance to get approval for classic confinement for tio?