Time display isn’t localised properly

Dear forum readers,

I’m not sure where this one belongs, but snapd seemed the most relevant category to me…

I’m french, and my system’s (23.10) localisation is set accordingly. However, I just noticed that I get this output :

$ snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/4
last: aujourd'hui à 00h11, heure des Rocheuses
next: aujourd'hui à 10h35, heure des Rocheuses

While I’m getting this at the same time :

$ LANG=C snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/4
last: today at 00:11 CEST
next: today at 10:35 CEST

“heure des Rocheuses” translates to “Rockies’ time”… but the problem is that CEST is not Rockies’ time, it’s Central European Summer Time. I seriously doubt the same time is being applied in the Rockies right now. Considering I’ve never seen time zones translated anywhere outside the snap system for now, I thought that maybe it’s snap-specific… and btw, who had the idea of translating time zones, anyway ? Aren’t CEST/CET, EST/EDT, MST/MDT good enough, instead of replacing that with that long slog ? It seems to me that time display benefits from being compact… or maybe replacing with a UTC offset, that could make sense.

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