Tigervncserver package does not pick up tweaks to XDG_DATA_DIRS from profile.d nor environment.d

I installed snapd from apt and then did sudo snap install snap-store. It seems like nothing happened to set up .desktop files for display in the lxpanel launcher.

I’m using vncserver (tigervncserver) instead of a login X environment.

I worked around the problem by modifying the systemd unit file for vncserver to include Environment=XDG_DATA_DIRS=/var/lib/snapd/desktop, which causes icons to show up as expected after restarting the server.

Could you report this as a bug on the vncserver package? (is that even a package in Ubuntu?)
While snapd does try to ship snippets of configuration to make integration a no-brainer for the most common things, we can’t do the same thing for everything.

@chipaca what steps does snap-store take to give the X environment access to the snap .desktop files? Maybe if I know what configuration it tries to put in place I can file a better-informed bug report for some of these other packages.

it’s not the snap-store snap; the snap-store is no more than another frontend to snapd itself, like the snap command itself.
It’s the snapd deb package that ships a couple snippets to deal with this: /etc/profile.d/apps-bin-path.sh and /usr/lib/environment.d/990-snapd.conf. It is reasonable to assume that any application that purports to start a user’s session will source at least one of these two files, and I think it can be construed as a bug if it does not.

Great, thanks! This can be closed; I’ll follow up on this elsewhere.

In case anyone else stumbles across this post, the issue is that I was ssh-ing to the host and having ssh start screen as the RemoteCommand. This meant that I was never getting a login shell, so nothing was reading any of the items in /etc/profile.d. That explains the shell.

I wonder if /usr/lib/environment.d/990-snapd.conf maybe wasn’t taking effect because my user’s service manager had already been started, and it would only take effect after a reboot (or after all my user’s sessions had ended)?