Tidal Music

Is there a way to get the Tidal Music app in the Snap Store? The specific function that would make this valuable is to have Tidal Master tracks be able to play at full quality (Only available on the desktop player). Also, being able to use a USB DAC with the Tidal App would be beneficial to those wanting to listen in higher bitrate output than what is default on PulseAudio/ALSA.


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They don’t appear to have a Linux client. So they would need that first, then it can be packaged up as a snap.

I was hoping a linux snap could be made with their web app. Also, how hard would it be to translate Pulse/Alsa through a Snap Package to take advantage of higher bitrate?

You don’t make “snap apps”. Snap is a format for packaging existing apps and their dependencies together and having them run in confinement in order to improve system security.

It would be possible to make a basic “webview” app using JavaFX, GTK, Electron, etc. But someone would have to take responsibility for maintaining it. You would be better off making yourself a shortcut to run something like:-

firefox --new-window "https://listen.tidal.com"

It’s a PWA (Progressive Web App) so it can be installed clicking the plus icon in the search bar (Chrome/Chromium). I don’t know about firefox

A few points:

  • if the Tidal website only sends regular quality audio to the web player, then a snap containing a web browser pointing at the Tidal website won’t do any better.

  • USB sound devices are exposed the same way as any other sound devices. Snaps can access them through Pulse Audio if they plug the audio-playback interface.

  • If your sound device supports high bit rate audio, the easiest way to enable it would be to do something like this:

    mkdir -p ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf.d
    echo "avoid-resampling = true" > ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf.d/avoid-resampling.conf
    systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service

    This should prevent prevent Pulse Audio from downmixing if there is nothing else playing at the time.

A third party isn’t going to be able to improve audio over what you can get from a web browser already.