Thunderbird Unable to Update

I have installed the latest version of Thunderbird (60.3.0, 64-bit) on Ubuntu 18.04 from the Snap Store. On startup the notification is displayed:

A recommended security and stability update is available, but you do not have the system permissions required to install it. Please contact your system administrator, or try again from an account that has permission to install software on this computer.

  1. Is this expected behavior?
  2. Do I need to execute Thunderbird as root now and everytime a recommended security and stability update is available to install it?

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Yes, because the snap distribution is outdated(The upstream has 60.3.2).

You won’t be able to upgrade Thunderbird by running the snap app as root, the publisher must push a new build instead.

name:      thunderbird
summary:   Mozilla Thunderbird email application
publisher: Ken VanDine
license:   MPL-2.0
description: |
  Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize - and it’s
  loaded with great features!
snap-id: k1Ml1O9GzSO2QftV0ZlWSbUfQ78nN460
  stable:    –                   
  candidate: –                   
  beta:      60.3.0 (29) 145MB - 
  edge:      60.3.0 (29) 145MB - 

/cc @kenvandine


Thanks for the info @Lin-Buo-Ren! So both actions suggested in the notification lead nowhere and I am ultimately dependent of the snap’s publisher.

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