Thunderbird stable release branch

Hi all,

after a couple of days, Thunderbird 115.3.1 is still on candidate branch and not yet released on stable.

Since the CVE entry is rated as critical and also the apt package has been updated, is there a special reason for having 115.3.1 “still” only on candidate?

Should users switch over to candidate branch?

Thank you for answering.

JFYI: landed on my machine yesterday

latest/stable: 115.3.1-1 2023-10-05 (389) 109MB -

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Thanks for letting me know. I received the version as well. Maybe someone saw this post or this happened “coincidentally” that day. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

same topic but different version. Thunderbird is released as 115.5 already on apt, also the candidate branch is on that version but the stable one is still behind on 115.4.

Is there a specific reason that the snap version on the stable branch is updated comparable late?


sorry for bumping this topic again but nothing changed so far. I saw on Ubuntu GitHub that the thunderbird stable branch is on 115.5, but inside snap-store stable is still on 115.4.

@alexmurray : is some manual process stuck? (Not sure whom to ask)

If you need the updates early simply use the candidate branch. It has version 115.5 from Nov 23

  latest/stable:    115.4.3-1 2023-11-21 (412) 109MB -
  latest/candidate: 115.5.1-1 2023-11-23 (417) 109MB -
  latest/beta:      121.0b3-1 2023-11-30 (419) 111MB -
  latest/edge:      ↑                                
installed:          121.0b3-1            (419) 111MB -

@kenvandine @seb128 can you provide any context on this?

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It’s still pending testing:

@Sebastien Bacher do you know the status of testing?

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Sorry for the delay, it’s a manual process, 115.5.0 was rolled out on Thursday and followed by a .1 on Friday and we usually don’t promote new stable versions on Friday. I’ve done the usual testing and moved 115.5.1 to stable now

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Update done and working! :slightly_smiling_face:

@alexmurray thank you for the clarification

@seb128 : thank you for the effort :+1:

Hi @seb128 , Hi @kenvandine

I need to bring this topic up again, since USN-6669-1 was released.

In GitHub I saw that you implemented multiple changes to build the snap from source. This happened already for 118.0, in the meantime we have revision 445 with version 118.1. In the desktop-snap repo the issue for 118.0 was closed, in favour for revision 445 with 118.1. Is there any chance to have this on stable soon?

Thank you once again.

I guess you are speaking about 115.8.0 and 115.8.1 there? Upstream didn’t roll out 115.8.1 yet and in fact they pushed a build2 version during the night so keeping the current build in candidate for now seems reasonable. I expect we will see the new version moved to updates following upstream, probably at some point today or tomorrow