Thunderbird snap exceeding 100% CPU usage when Preferences is open and Engligh-US Language Pack is installed

Lubuntu 21.10, Desktop: LXQt

Current Thunderbird snap (91.3.1) exceeds 100% CPU usage when Preferences tab is open, causing entire system to hang. Do not know what’s happening, but a screenshot (taken with mobile phone) of the top window is attached. Have to either kill the job manually or right-click the item in the panel and end process.

EDIT: It appears that it was the English-US Language Pack causing this, once I was able to remove it, Thunderbird’s behavior was normal again.

Bug report filed upstream.

Thanks for reporting this issue! Can you elaborate on how/where you removed the English language pack?

At: Preferences/Add-ons and Themes/Languages

The default installation included nine other Language Packs which are all listed under ‘Enabled’, but I do not use any of them.

Each Language Pack listed has a three-dot menu next to it. Selecting that displays two options: Remove or Manage.