Thunderbird candidate (91.1.1) ignoring account preferences?


When I switch channel from stable (78.13.0) to candidate (91.1.1), Thunderbird asks me to set up a new account without keeping my current account preferences.
Strangely, there is no such problem when I switch to beta (93.0b3) which works fine using my account preferences .

Any explanation ?

Ubuntu 21.04
Snap 2.52

is this perhaps a requirement of thunderbird itself ?
a switch from 78 to 9x seems like quite a version jump, perhaps there is no migration in the app itself ?

In that case it wouldn’t work with 93.0b3 either…

oh. you were switching from 78 to 93 without ever having switched to 91 ?

when I switch from 78 to 91 i’m asked to create a new account
when I switch from 78 to 93 i’m not asked for anything… 78.13.0 preferences are sustained

and you tested both with previously purging and re-installing TB 78 ?

why would I do that ?
there is no purging option when you switch channels

The question is why 93 can read my preferences but 91 cannot…

here’s what I did:

To switch channels and update the snap with a single command, add the --channel option to the refresh command:

sudo snap refresh thunderbird --candidate
sudo snap refresh thunderbird --stable
sudo snap refresh thunderbird --beta

That’s upstream bug #1726808, which is fixed in the upcoming 91.2 release. That explains why you’re seeing the problem in 91.1.1 (which doesn’t have the fix yet), and not in 93.0b3 (which does have the fix).


This happen to me too, being in the candidate channel if the Thunderbird snap get refresh to a new version I lost my previous preference so I have to start all over again.