Thunderbird and firefox snap issues using 'save as'

With the latest snap versions of firefox and thunderbird on ubuntu 20.04 I’m having issues using ‘save link/image as’ functions. The thunderbird 91.3.0 version in the latest/candidate channel also fails to save single attachments (saving of all attachments together seems to work sometimes though). It looks like the calls to xdg-document-portal are failing with the following error:

Invalid id snap.thunderbird: Names must contain at least 2 periods
Invalid id snap.firefox: Names must contain at least 2 periods

Has anyone experienced the same issues?

I just tested the firefox snap (version 94.0.1-1, revision 701) in a fully up-to-date 20.04 VM, and I’m not observing the issue. I can successfully save links/images as.

I just retested it on my end as well with the latest firefox and thunderbird versions and I’m also not seeing this issue any more. I’m not sure what update resolved it but glad it’s fixed now.

Glad this works for you now, thanks for the follow-up!