Throw away Model Assertions

I’m considering creating the Model Assertions in CI, so when we update the json document describing the assertion it would update the assertion automatically.

However, that potentially becomes a bit cumbersome as they need to be checked back into git, and depending on the nature of some change in the repo generating the assertion may not always be required.

That got me thinking one step further. I could generate the assertion “on the fly” just before creating new images. If I did that, they would be essentially throw away, and not stored after use.

Is there anything wrong with that approach ? The assertion would be in the image. Is there any technical need to have it recorded anywhere else really ?


I’ve decided to store them with the image, so they won’t be as throw away as I suggested :slight_smile:

I’d still be interested in how other people manage such these using automation if anyone wants to share or has comments.

Cheers, Just