"This login method is not longer supported"

$ snapcraft status nextcloud
This login method is not longer supported                                                                                                      
Track    Arch     Channel       Version                   Revision    Progress    Expires at
latest   amd64    stable        24.0.1snap1               31033       -           -
                  candidate     ↑                         ↑           -           -
                  beta          ↑                         ↑           -           -
                  edge          master-2022-06-14         31064       -           -
                  beta/pr-2077  23.0.5snap1+git1.59bdeeb  30961       -           2022-07-02T19:31:04Z
# <snip...>

A few questions/comments:

  1. At first blush, given that things seem to be working fine (i.e. it’s giving me authenticated info), showing me this message is a bug.
  2. What exactly is no longer supported, here? If things were NOT working fine, I wouldn’t know what to do.
  3. Might want to check the grammar of that sentence.
$ snap list snapcraft
Name       Version  Rev   Tracking       Publisher   Notes
snapcraft  7.0.7    7717  latest/stable  canonical✓  classic
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Thanks, I actually removed that sentence; everything should work with those existing credentials.

We actually moved to storing everything in a keyring and for CI, no more login --with (although still supported to not break workflows) and instead we pick credentials directly from an environment variable. Here’s a bit more info in the form of documentation (semi howto) around that https://snapcraft.io/docs/snapcraft-authentication

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This should be fixed in 7.0.8 now on latest/candidate and 7.x/candidate

Ah ha, very helpful, thank you!

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