The Zenity integration stage snap

This stage snap helps you integrate Zenity dialogs into your Gtk3 application snap.


  • Your snap must be using the gnome-platform content sharing snap
  • Your snap must use core18 base (support for the core base is coming)

How to use

Merge the following part definition to your Snapcraft YAML:

  # Integrate custom dialogs in your snap - doc -
    plugin: nil
      - zenity-integration

The layout configuration is now no longer needed and can be dropped :slight_smile: .

Why not simply set stage-packages: [ zenity ]?

  • The redundant Webkit related libraries bloats the snap size for about 40MiB
  • Stripping the redundant files using prime keywords complicates the part definition
  • Additional layout configuration fix is required, increases the complexity of the snapcraft recipe

Snaps that use this stage snap


Here’s the code: Git : Code : The Zenity integration stage snap


Report bugs here: Bugs : The Zenity integration stage snap


Perhaps this could be adapted into another stage-snap which uses snapctl is-connected to make it easy to show users when a snap interface is not connected?

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