The Tesseract OCR snap's maintainance could be improved

There are several problems I noticed while reviewing the Tesseract OCR snap currently published by @elopio:

As a frequent but indirect user of Tesseract, I would like to improve this situation. I’m not a snap publisher that maintains snaps well either so I can’t guarantee any commitment, though, but here are some thoughts on what may be done to progress this issue further in the better direction:

  • Build and publish stable releases of Tesseract OCR directly from the original publisher(@elopio), and fix the store listing page metadata

    I am willing to become snap’s contributor if that would help.

  • Convince the upstream to adopt the snap and directly publish releases from them. (The Snapcraft recipe is already upstreamed but I doubt they are into maintaining it, though, but who knows?)

  • Transfer the snap to the Snapcrafters organization to be maintained by the community

  • Transfer the snap to me to publish stable releases and fix the store metadata (as mentioned above I’m not able to promise commitment in the maintenance, but it’s still better than the current situation)

Comments and help are appreciated.


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As a start I managed to make the snap buildable against Snapcraft 7.3:

As the recipe is already upstreamed I’m not sure how to publish from it without transferring the snap to the upstream(which they clearly not interested in taking).

Maybe contribute the GitHub Action with our publish credentials will do?

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To make further progress, I’ve messaged @elopio about this discussion:

Hello, I would like to inform you about the discussion regarding the Tesseract OCR snap you have published:

The Tesseract OCR snap's maintainance could be improved

and would like to have your input to progress forward.

Best regards,
林博仁(Buo-ren, Lin)

If no responses were received in 1 month I’ll initiate a transfer request to transfer the snap under my namespace(or to the Snapcrafters if the application met the inclusion criteria).