The specified repository is being used by another snap


When I logged into today, and visited one of «my published snaps», I realized that Github now was disconnected under the build tab. I followed the «connect github» and selected the correct repository, but after I press start building it fails saying it’s used by another snap named the same as my published snap.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

It looks from this post that its related to something at Launchpad.

This seems to be the case for all my snaps.

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I’m getting the same error. I went to rebuild my snaps this morning (dirsize, mkpass, rpncalc, quoter, fcal) as there were new packages, and I found mysnaps were no longer connected to GitHub.

When attempting to reconnect them, I received an error that they were already connected to another snap (which was the snap I was trying to reconnect.)

Hmmm, guessing this affects many (if not all?) of us then.

I was logged out from Github today. Browser been up since yesterday and I normally don’t have to log in every time, so I’m not sure if Github might have done something at their end? Truncated tokens or something.

Hoping for a fix soon!

Yup, me too… I think there was an updated code drop to the site recently

I can also confirm this. So it would certainly seem to be a site issue.

Confirmed. Have pinged the web team, but if someone wanted to file a bug at that’d be awesome, and we can take it there.

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me too, I found my Github account disconnected from and signed out of

after I connect my Github account to Snapcraft I got

The specified repository is being used by another snap: blue-recorder

This was a Launchpad regression; apologies for the inconvenience. We’re rolling it back now.

This regression should be fixed now by rolling back the mistake. We’re also preparing a proper fix.