The Snap Twitter account is dormant since 2021

Since there is no feed to see new and updated snaps on the website, this account played a vital role in highlighting new developments. If you plan to retire the account, then please don’t link to it from the main website.

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I suspect this is because Alan and Martin, who were running that account, left Canonical last year. @Igor or @kenvandine, do we have any plans for this Twitter account?

By and large, social media accounts fall under the umbrella of the PR/marketing, I can have a chat, I’ll see if there’s anything that can be shared here.


Let me invert the question, what would you like to see tweeted from that account?

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Newly published and updated snaps, as there is no feed for that in the website.

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New snaps, major upgrades to popular snaps, improvements to snapd and snacraft, call attention to documentation about how to create snaps, blog posts, short explanation of snap features (lots of people seem to not know them), call for testing, teaching how to report bugs and get involved with the snapcraft community and app development (of snapped apps).