The removed snap apps are still in the KDE menu

Hi, as per the subject, I would like to remove uninstalled snap apps.
I don’t know if it’s about snap or KDE.

Thank you

Do this still persist even after a logout ??

Yes :man_shrugging: They are there even after many logouts and reboots

These entries will be due to .desktop files.

Typically, they are found using $XDG_DATA_DIRS which s a list of places the system looks for an applications directory containing these files.

Snapd (which manages your snaps) will place them in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/ and add this /var/lib/snapd/desktop/ to $XDG_DATA_DIRS. So the first thing to check is if they’ve been removed from there.

If they have (which I expect), then something (not snapd) has created copies elsewhere at some point and snapd couldn’t know to remove those copies.


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In the directories you mentioned there are no such ghost programs

Then your problem is not related to snapd. I hope you have better luck on the KDE forums!

The KDE forum didn’t help, you gave me an idea so I tinkered around a bit.
The files were in ~.local/share/applications/
I know it’s not related to snap, but I left the solution anyway.

Thanks for your support and good luck

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