The pi-oled-demo snap

I recently got my hands on a few different OLED displays for the Raspberry Pi and in the course of programming them during integration with my project i thought i should quickliy also roll some demo snap.

The snap works with I2C attached monochrome OLED displays like the 128x32 adafriut one:

or a 0.96" 128x64 AZdelivery one

(I’m pretty sure it also works with others but the two above have been tested)

you can set the vertical resolution with

snap set pi-oled-demo height=32 # or 64 for the 64 pixel ones

the snap will by default simply show some basic stats (CPU load, memory and disk usage as well as the current IP) on the OLED

the source can be found at

Info about the required interfaces connections etc are in the snap description at:

(or in snap info pi-oled-demo)

Splash Screen on startup:

Showing Stats: