The Lounge?

Haven’t been here for a bit and notices the default hidden lounge category seems to be missing, is it removed?

Are you thinking of this?

Nope. There’s a hidden category where users with a certain trust level can access.

The URL seems to be:

It looks like that is only available to those at trust level 3, and that status isn’t permanent if you acquired it organically (rather than an admin manually tweaking a user’s trust):

I guess your break dipped you below one of the thresholds.

Yes, I used to see it too, but not anymore.

By the way, welcome back @Lin-Buo-Ren!


Thanks for the info!

The non-stable status is quite unfortunate, as I’ve posted my todo list in there.

Fixed for you @Lin-Buo-Ren :slight_smile: (welcome back)


/me pouts like a pouty me