The bluez interface

bluez enables access to the bluez Bluetooth service.

The plug is the client and the slot provides access to the bluez (Bluetooth) service. Connecting the two allows a client to access devices registered by the bluez service through the slot.

For example, a game with a bluez plug could connect to the system’s bluez slot to access a Bluetooth game controller.

Auto-connect: no

ⓘ This is a snap interface. See Interface management and Supported interfaces for further details on how interfaces are used.

@degville I don’t think the above is strictly correct - it depends on whether a snap is slotting or plugging bluez - slotting bluez allows to operate as the bluez service, pluggin bluez allows to talk to the bluez service and hence gives access to bluetooth devices. Can this be clarified? Do we make similar distinctions for other interfaces such as pulseaudio, cups etc? I think this is an important distinction to make (ie slotting vs plugging an interface)

That’s a good point, thanks for raising this. I’ve tried to clarify slightly but I do think we/I need to go through these interface docs and 1) expand on their often sparse details (and provide examples), and 2) accommodate both the user’s and snap developer’s points of view. The same is true of the snap interface command help output from where most of this text originated.