Terraform: faster following upstream & pre-releases!


For those of you using the Terraform snap, I’ve made some changes today to help you stay closer to the upstream if you’d like. This is likely to be particularly interesting if you’re developing with or for Terraform, or if you just can’t wait for the shiny new alpha features…!

If you’re already tracking the latest/candidate or latest/stable branches, then there will be no change to how you get releases.

The snap’s maintenance is already mostly automated. There is a Github Action that runs on schedule, checking the upstream Terraform repository for new releases. If it finds a new release, then it authors a new Pull Request to bump versions accordingly. This triggers some basic integration tests and pings me for review. Once those PRs are merged, the automation automatically builds the snap (using snapcraft remote-build) and releases to edge and candidate.

Until now, I’ve been ignoring pre-release versions of Terraform such as v1.3.0-alpha20220608, but today I made some changes to enable you to get access to those pre-release builds on the edge channel.

Now, when Hashicorp release a pre-release version, the automation will trigger, and the resulting snap will get published just to the edge branch. In the case that they release a non pre-release version, that will go into edge and candidate as before.

And with that, go check out Terraform v1.3.0-alpha20220608!

# If you're trying for the first time
sudo snap install terraform --channel=edge --classic
# Or refresh...
sudo snap refresh terraform --channel=edge



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