Terminalpp needs classic confinement

terminalpp is a terminal emulator, in order for it to be a full-fledged replacement for default x terminals, it needs classic confinement. For more details please see https://terminalpp.com or https://github.com/zduka/tpp.

Thank you very much!

The requirements are understood. @advocacy - can you perform the vetting?

Thanks a lot! Please let me know if there is anything I can provide to ease the vetting process.

@advocacy - ping, can you please perform the required vetting?

@advocacy - re-ping - can you please perform the required vetting?

Hi, sorry to bother, but is there anything I can do to speed things up a bit? It has been over a month already and I would really like to be able to tell people they can download the app via snap.

Also please note that during the time, I have created a github organization for the app, which is hosted on github.com/terminalpp/tpp. The old repos are still available for now.

Thanks a lot!

Apologies for the delay. Vetting done, +1.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.