Temporary failure in name resolution on boot of wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk

Hi there,

I am new to snaps and linux in general, coming from a web development background.

I have installed “wpe-webkit-mir-kosk” on a mini PC running ubutu core 20. It seemed to work fine for a while, but now on booting the mini PC, I am always faced with a message of:

'Page load error

Error resolving “domain.com”: Temporary failure in name resolution’

Running “sudo snap set wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk url=domain.com” via SSH will immediately allow the page to load just perfectly.

I have tried to look into adding the domain name to the hosts file, but it appears even using ‘sudo’ I do not have permission to edit the hosts file.

Initially I did have the issue on 50% of the boots. Now it seems to be on every boot which is strange.

Could this be the network aspects of the system are not yet loaded before the kiosk starts?

  • is there a way to delay the kiosk snap load by a few seconds?
  • is there an input I could assign via a keyboard local to the device which would maybe run the “set url” command? (I would also like this “press a key to navigate to a URL”) but not sure if that is possible.

I hope someone understands my issues and can provide some advice !

If the system is booting, it is expected that until network setup has completed accessing anything over the network or resolving domain names may fail.

is there any way to delay the start of the kiosk and await all network configuration being complete?

If you control the app, then you can probably handle that situation correctly. If you’re using someone else’s snap, then it’s best to ask them. Snapd has no means to artificially delaying service’s startup. You can play with unit ordering maybe, add a drop in unit which adds After=network-online.target, but the definition of what network-online means may vary, and it’s not guranteed that names will resolve (what if there really is a temporary problem with the network?).

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Hi, you’re in the wrong category here (which means the right people may not see your post): The snapcraft category holds discussions about the snapcraft software and the building side of snaps in general.

This is a problem with the runtime behaviour of a particular snap, not the software that packaged it. As mentioned above, it is always possible for a “Temporary failure in name resolution” to happen (networks are inherently unpredictable).

I don’t know what options there are for wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk to handle this scenario better, but here’s the package contact details:

$ snap info wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk | grep contact
contact:   kontakt@glancr.de