Telegram Snap Unity Integration

Hello snapcrafters,
I would like to use Telegram as a snap but my main issue is that the badge counter doesn’t get updated and I don’t enable sound because I don’t like to be constantly distracted therefore the only way for me to see If I’ve received a message is through the unity dock.

I’ve investigated the problem for a while and I’ve created an issue in the telegram-snap github

The problem is that as it can be seen from the code here the telegram app look for a specific desktop file named “telegramdesktop.desktop”, while the snap creates sergiusens_telegramdesktop.desktop

I’ve noticed that it’s also related to this

I would like to see that fixed in the snap but I don’t see other solutions other than change the telegram code to point at the correct desktop file, I’ve posted it here because maybe someone involved with this particular snap know how to fix it.

Not sure if you noticed it, but this issue has been fixed by Call for testing: Telegram Desktop

Yes I’ve noticed it but I had the opportunity to test it only since a few days, so far it works very well and it looks a better solution than running the static binary. Thanks.