Teams for Linux pop-up question when program is started

I use snap teams-for-linux version 1.0.6 . It was working fine for months, but now when I start it on Ubuntu 20.04 I get message:


I always click on No button. But I really don’t know what this question is all about. Why is snap asking such a technical question to end-user, that really doesn’t know how to answer.

What happens if I click on Yes? I don’t want to break my Teams, but it is little bit annoying that every time I start Teams I get this question.

This dialog is prompting you whether to let the Teams application register as the default application that gets launched when you click on a URI that begins with msteams://. It allows you to launch teams and join a room or conference directly from an address sent to you via email, for example. It is safe to say yes for Teams to handle this.

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Just to let you know, there is already an official Teams for Linux

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Now I have started Teams for Linux and selected Yes button on Ubuntu 20.04. But if I close down (right click in taskbar and quit) and start it again it asks this question again. So, if I click No or Yes, I get the same message again when I restart a program.

Is there a way to disable this pop-up window, to not ask me this question every time I start up a program?