TdhCAD Snap installation


i have a well developed app, TdhCAD, that is currently distributed as a zip file downloaded from i want to distribute using snap. i will much appreciate advice on how to accomplish this most easily. i have attempted to follow a template with the following yaml file:

name: tdhcad
version: 181224
summary: TdhCAD - vector graphics, charts
description: >
TdhCAD is a vector grpahics and charting app with raster backgrounds,
layers and open database storage. It can also serve as an embedded vector graphics
package for other apps.
grade: devel
confinement: devmode

plugin: dump

command: tdhcad

my current stumbling block is locating the zip file so it will be found during the build process, but i’m sure there will be other challenges that maybe other can foresee. the app is dependent on the following items in the zip file, along with a wxwidgets installation:

an executable file
an executable library
a database structure
a pdf help file

It can be hosted anywhere that supports hot-linking, like uploading it to GitHub Pages

Also local paths should be also supported if you build the snap locally, simply set the full path of the zip file as the source key’s value.

Snap can bundle an installation of wxWidgets easily, however, you must first know which minimal version of the wxWidgets library your application can run on.

i added this:

- libwxgtk3.0-0v5

but the snap installation is still not finding the wxwidgets libraries.

I have made a demonstration packaging while developing The wxWidgets remote part, you may want to check it out:

this is awesome, thanks so much. if you don’t mind i will also use this as a template for another program, TdhGIS, that basically requires the same resources.

Feel free to reuse it, it is based on