Tautulli-snap released

Hi There,

I’m practicing with snapcraft and I created a snap for tautulli, a Python based monitoring and tracking tool for Plex Media Server.
I contacted the owner of the name tautulli, since was already taken, and because of this I published the snap under tautulli-snap.

I did some few test and it’s seams to be working fine, so I just released the snap on edge, I’d like to request if someone can test it so that I can later move it to stable.

I’d like to thanks @turux for contributing.

Have a nice day! Take care!


Hi There,

thanks to the admin I was granted the proper name “tautulli”
the new snap is uploaded and ready to be tested for all architectures.

tuatulli-snap was archived.

Thank you!

I’m testing on amd64 and arm64 and overall I don’t see big issues from the app or strange errors in the logs. So far I spot only one “relatively small” issue: auto update of tautulli is not working. This is because the git is in the root of the snap and only the data are stored in common. The application is trying to push the latest version from git, but since some files are in the root it is unable to do that. In one hand, the scope of snap is to maintain the package update auto installing the latest release, on the other hand the “error message” is annoying :sweat_smile:. Do you have any recommendation?

Checked the code and I think you need to set check_github = 1 and check_github_on_startup = 1 to 0 in config.ini. You can try including default config.ini in snap and use wrapper script to copy it in place before starting daemon (once on first start when missing).

It’s normal to disable self-updates on packaged software so package managers handles them and there is usually a command for that, though I didn’t see one for this software.

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Hi @predr, thanks for your input! :beers:

I achieved to disable the autoupdate editing some files while building the snap:

    override-build: |
      snapcraftctl build
      sed -i "s|'CHECK_GITHUB': (int, 'General', 1),|'CHECK_GITHUB': (int, 'General', 0),|g" $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/plexpy/config.py
      sed -i "s|'CHECK_GITHUB_ON_STARTUP': (int, 'General', 1),|'CHECK_GITHUB_ON_STARTUP': (int, 'General', 0),|g" $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/plexpy/config.py
      sed -i 's|<input type="checkbox" name="check_github" id="check_github" value="1" checked>||g' $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/data/interfaces/default/welcome.html
      sed -i 's|name="plexpy_auto_update" value="1"|name="plexpy_auto_update" value="0"|g' $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/data/interfaces/default/settings.html

Unfortunately the application checks and enable the update in different phases so simply use a default config.ini was not enough, cause at some point it was overwritten by some of the above script.

Meanwhile I asked the owners of tautulli code if they will do something in the future to avoid this (they managed a way for docker usage that is not applicable) and if they are planning to integrate the snap package in their repository. So that it will be automatically updated each release, because so far I did not understand if it’s possible to automatically build when the source git have a commit.

Take care!

Nice workaround! Yeah there is no way that I know to trigger builds on your side when they release. I see they are using Github Actions so they could integrate building and publishing snap that way. If they refuse to integrate snap you can check Github API for new release and notify yourself on desktop with notify-send command.

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