Takeover request for Atom snap

Hi Store Team :wave:

Could you please transfer the Snapcrafter’s Atom text editor snap to me so that I can permanently remove it from the Snap Store? It was maintained by some of the older Snapcrafter’s, and it is not listed publicly in search results; however, you can still find the snap if you navigate to Install atom on Linux | Snap Store and can still install Atom using snap install atom --classic.

We’d like to remove it from the store as Atom was archived by GitHub on December 15th, 2022: Sunsetting Atom - The GitHub Blog. This means it’s no longer receiving any fixes for outstanding bugs or potential security issues. As such, we’d like to take it down as we’re no longer going to support the snap package and we don’t want to be responsible for any issues.

You can verify my Snapcrafter membership on GitHub: Members · People · snapcrafters · GitHub. Please let me know if there’s anything that you need from my end. Thanks for the help!


The snap’s ownership has been transferred to your account.



Thanks @odysseus-k :smiley:

For anyone who comes across this post:

I have set the Atom snap to private which means you can no longer download it or view its listing on the Snap Store. If you’re interested in using the snap out of personal interest, you can find its original GitHub repository here: GitHub - snapcrafters/atom: ⚛ A community-maintained package to easily install Atom on Linux

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