Systemd updating


I’ve built an image for a series 16 device and was wondering how systemd gets updated, I’m assuming it is included in the core snap?

Should I base my device on series 18 to get a newer version?

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exactly … and the core snap is built using binaries from the ubuntu archive (for core16 this is 16.04, for core18 it is 18.04), so you will always have the respective version from there (with the most recent security fixes etc).

Given that you can not actually directly use systemd from an application/daemon snap though, i wonder what you expect to achieve by having a newer version …

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I’m experiencing the issue described here;

For now I’ve created a daemon which restarts the systemd-networkd every 23 hours (as described in the topic).

if you want to stay with core16 you should then file a bug in launchpad via:

this looks serious enough to become a backported fix IMHO (though it is up to the ubuntu-foundations team to make a final decision on this after judging it) that fix would then land in the ubuntu archive and in turn enter the core snap.

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