System-files request for rt-tests snap

We are working on the rt-tests snap based on the rt-tests Debian package, intended for use in Ubuntu Core systems.

The rt-tests is a suite of tools that contains a set of programs designed to test the capabilities of a real-time system.

One of the programs, the deadline_test, needs read-write access to the features file in scheduler debugfs directory (/sys/kernel/debug/sched/features) in order to work properly.

We would like to request permission from the @review-team to use the system-files interface (like we did here) and have its auto-connection.


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Can you be more specific on which files are required under /sys/kernel/debug/sched and whether only read or read-write permission is required for each? From what I can see it is just write permission to /sys/kernel/debug/sched/features but if you could please clarify that would be great.

Also looking at it seems like it might also need access to files like /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_marker.

Sorry, I mentioned the whole directory, but the application only needs read-write access to the /sys/kernel/debug/sched/features file.

For the /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_marker file, access is already granted through the system-trace interface.

Thanks for the clarification.

+1 from me for use and auto-connect of a system-files interface named sys-kernel-debug-sched-features with write access to /sys/kernel/debug/sched/features.

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Follow up: any other feedbacks on this @review-team ?

+1 also from for granting rt-tests access to /sys/kernel/debug/sched/features via system-files interface.

I show in the snapcraft that this interface is currently named scheduler-debugfs. As @alexmurray mentioned, this interface should be called sys-kernel-debug-sched-features to be consistent with our current naming convention.


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@jslarraz and @alexmurray thanks for letting me know about the naming conventions.

The plug name was changed to sys-kernel-debug-sched-features .

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of interface sys-kernel-debug-sched-features to snap rt-tests. I have vetted the publisher. Please let us know once this snap revision is uploaded to the store we will go ahead and make the changes live.


Thanks to all. Revisions 33/34 have been uploaded and now pending manual review.

Thanks! This is now live.

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