System-files request for get-iplayer snap

get-iplayer (known as get_iplayer upstream) requires access to /etc/get_iplayer/options if it exists. It will if the user is migrating from a previous installation of the deb to the snap.

An issue was filed, and I have added a PR to enable this in github, but would like an auto-connection store assertion to enable this functionality for users without them having to type commands.

This meets the typical requirements for use of the system-files interface. +1 for use of and autoconnect of read-only access to /etc/get_iplayer/options provided the interface reference uses:

    interface: system-files
      - /etc/get_iplayer/options

@reviewers - can others vote on this?

+1 from me as well for access to, with auto-connect - this seems like a perfectly reasonable use-case for system-files to read an existing config file from the host system - especially when named as @jdstrand suggested so that it is relatively obvious to a user what this provides.

Anything blocking this moving forward? Do I need more reviewers?

2 votes for, 0 against for use of and auto-connection for read on /etc/get_iplayer/options using the etc-get-iplayer-options reference. This is now live.

Please note that while the snap declaration has been issued and I’ve updated the review-tools to allow use of this interface reference, the store doesn’t have this change in production yet. New revisions will need to be manually approved in the meantime.