Symlink is not created by snapd

Hi Team,

I had install a application snap locally using dangerous flag, snap got installed successfully but when i tried to execute a snap command getting warning - i.e : 2020/08/27 12:14:53.721008 cmd_run.go:918: WARNING: cannot create user data directory: cannot read symlink: readlink /root/snap/app/current: invalid argument when i checked in /root/snap/app directory i found symlink is not present between x1 - > current folder.

When i created it manually ln -s x1 current, symlink got created and warning got vanished.

I tried to figure out the root-cause but failed.

Any help why it is happening are really appreciable :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Sorry my mistake, there are some permission and user related issue, “/root/snap/app” has not sudo user that’s why when snapd try to create symlink its getting failed to create.